Action Enterprise

Action Enterprise’s Stone Slinger is a truly unique tool that will get your next construction project completed under budget and hassle free! The Stone Slinger is a V bottom truck capable of placing aggregate in areas no other truck can even come close to.


Crawl Spaces

Drainage Projects

Retaining Walls

Road Construction



Servicing Nashville

Action Enterprise services Nashville and the surrounding counties with a fleet of stone slinger trucks.


Highly Skilled

Our Stone Slinger operators are highly experienced at precisely placing stone in a wide variety of projects using remote control.


Low Price - Fast Turnaround

The Stone Slinger can deliver 22+ tons of aggregate in 15 minutes. There’s no need to hire a crew and bring in shovels and wheelbarrows. All you need is the Stone Slinger!

No Project Too Big Or Too Small

Being able to precisely place aggregate across a 100-foot expanse offers opportunities to execute challenging projects at a lower price point and at a faster turn around time. Our skilled team delivers industry-leading accuracy, and we take great pride in every job. Precise placement with a single driver and truck minimizes labor and equipment costs and expedites the project overall. Some perfect applications for the Stone Slinger are : basements and crawl spaces, foundations, retaining walls, and drainage projects. Not sure if you would benefit from the services of Action Enterprise and the Stone Slinger?

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